Amazons great indian sale 2020

Amazon's great indian sale is back this is the first sale in 2020 and it will be running from 19 to 22nd Jan so Amazon is offering some really good discounts this time but for Prime members the sale has already began on 18th itself which is today  I'm gonna share all the awesome deals that I found on this sale and you will be getting a lot of benefits if you will read this artical till the end so guys what I have done is I've just gone through the whole sale and selected the best ones you know with the with lot of discounts a lot of offers over here I'll be telling all of them category vice so if you are interested or you like any of these offers you can go ahead and buy them so talking about this great Indian sale as I've told you just now it is starting for all the normal users from 19th of January to 22nd of January and for the prime members it has already begun and talking about the main offers in this sale just as usual you know amazon offers these sort of discounts on every great indian sale you are getting a 10% instant discount.

Amazon's great indian sale
Amazon's great indian sale

 if you buy any of these products using an SBI credit card and along with that they're also offering you know no-cost EMI options on millions of products and also in exchange category section you'll get up to 10,000 rupees off on wide variety of products from smartphones washing machines and laptops and a lot of other stuff so you guys have to keep a check on that so talking about today's sale not only discounts guys a lot of new products are launched launching out of those we've got you know earphones earbuds then we've got smartwatches and a lot of other stuff which we'll be talking at a later  get to the main topic so for what I have done is I have divided all these products into different categories section like

smartphones laptops and all that so we will be going or we'll be checking out all these deals category wise first let's talk about smart phones so in the smartphone section we do have some pretty good deals on big brands like if you take one plus one plus is offering their seventy phone at only thirty four thousand 999 rupees guys usually it is around like thirty seven thousand nine nine nine so you're getting about like three thousand rupees off and along with that they also have an extra 1,500 rupees off if you use a particular credit card from some Bank you have to check about that and also no cost EMI so if you are planning on upgrading a new phone you've got good deals going on right now along with one plus we also have Apple phones yes look at these guys just as usual every sale Apple is offering huge discount on their iPhone 10 our iPhone 10 are usually sales around like 49 thousand rupees but this time they're selling it for only like forty two thousand nine hundred rupees 42,000 is a pretty good deal for that phone so yeah you can check on that  so you can you know what else do we have Samsung is also offering some good discounts on their new Galaxy m-series phones like the em 30 M 20 M 40 as well as the new S series ones like the M 30s which usually goes around like 14,000 rupees.

Amazon's great indian sale

 today in sale they're offering it for only twelve thousand 999 rupees so twelve thousand nine nine nine is a pretty good deal I along with that coming to Xiaomi Shawn is also offering decent discounts not that great on the redmi note 8 pro they are offering around like thousand rupees off on there you know Tatro well these are the smartphone category deals that I found interesting well today is a first day itself right so most of the deals are not yet revealed so whatever best deals I found I'm sharing them with you guys so you don't have to go and search the website looking for the best deals so these were what I found in the smartphone category section now.

 Let's move on to the next category coming next what do we have you've got the Amazon echo devices so just as every amazon sale prime day sale great indian they sell amazon is offering huge discounts on their echo device especially if you take the amazon echo dot the third gen it usually costs around like four thousand four 99 rupees but they are offering around like 40% off or more than that and it's only available for two thousand eight hundred rupees right now so yeah amazon echo dot is a pretty good and there's also a bundled version available with that they're offering a smart bulb along with their echo dot for a price of around 3100 so if you pay like 300 rupees extra you're also getting a smart bulb which is a pretty good deal you will find all these links in the description box guys you can easily check them out from there so that is about echo dot and coming to other echo devices we've got Amazon echo input which is nothing like which is nothing but a portable version of a coated guy so you don't need to plug in an adapter it's a portable Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa so that is available for only thr

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