How to Earn Money From your Blog or Website Without Google Ads

Most of the Bloger or Website owner looking for platform where they can monetize his website or blog. They always have a question on his mind

How to earn money from blog or website now there is only on answer that 
is Limray.

If you are a new blogger and don't have more traffic in your blog or website don't worry you still can show ads on your blog or website and can earn money. Yes it is true today i am going to explain about this very few peoples know about it and it is very new in India.

How to Earn Money From your Blog
How to Earn Money From your Blog

If you have a website or blog and you have applied for Google adsense but not able to find adsense approval don't worry still you can show the ads in your website and can earn money.

Limray helps to give an option to advertisers to play their ads on your site.If you want to make money through Limray, it is a great place to start. Limray helps you to monetize your website when you get a certain number of clicks on the ads. Ad traffic will generate your revenue. It is free for publishers and the most strong advertising platform on the Internet now and can generate the biggest revenue for publishers.
There are only a few easy go steps to earn money :

Firstly, you need to log in with your login ID and Password.
Add your site name, its category and submit it.
Now you need to verify your site by submitting HTML code on the header page of your website.
Add your ad-block by choosing your desired width and height of the ad box where the ad will appear. You can also give your text the colour and set theme in the way you want.

You’ll get more and more advertisers. We can help you to get the opportunity to earn money. Also, many advertisers do not consider publishers who have less traffic ranking or views on their media platforms. But here on Limray, no other factor matters, every publisher is precious and welcomed on our platform.You can monetize your website when you get a certain number of views or clicks on the ads and the traffic on the ad will help you generate revenue. You can also control the size and placement of the ads on your website.

This platform is equally beneficial for Publisher and Advertiser. Publisher can show the Adson his Blog or website and advertiser can show get in touch with more customers about his product publisher will get good income from this platform.You Need to verify you website or blog first if you are asking why verify my website or blog my answer is Verification of your site is a very important and independent procedure to achieve its intended purpose. On verifying your site, it makes Limray know that you own the website. 
It gives you access to your website’s Social Analytics (Earnings Dashboard), where you can know how much clicks, views, and earnings you are getting on the particular Ad.if you have question regarding the amount which you can earn from this platform It is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks. It completely depends on your website quality, Content and bid set by the advertiser for your site category.Limray ads is a destination where advertisers are connected to a publisher that they are looking for. It is an ultimate platform that helps publishers and gives the opportunity to earn money with no investment.
Limray works by placing ads to publishers site based on the content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their brand, product or service. Since these advertisers bid prices for different ads, the amount publishers earn will vary. Limray helps advertisers in promoting or create awareness of their brand by placing an ad on the publisher’s websites.